The Backyard Butler
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Providing reliable and trustworthy services for you and your dog.

“Our family depends on The Backyard Butler to walk and clean-up after our dog. We find that his reliability is vital
due to our hectic schedules.

Thank You!”

Steve S., Bridgewater

Owner profile

A unique experience
Having worked in retail and customer service most of my adult life I understand what people want and look for from companies. I found that a great product and people who care about what they offer are very important. Although I don’t sell any products, it's important that I provide great service at affordable prices and to help people take care of their dogs.

When I first started The Backyard Butler my intent was to begin something unique, dog waste removal. My idea for the business came to me one afternoon before I was about to mow my lawn. I came to the realization that I can't be the only person who has to remove the dog waste from my yard every time I needed to mow. After doing some research, I found that there was a need for such a service. Not just because people don’t have the time, but because it’s not something they want to do. So, in 2005, I began cleaning dog owner’s yards.

Today, my philosophy stays the same. I’m still cleaning yards but have added to my list of services in order to accommodate my client's needs and wants. Families are so busy with every day life that they need help taking care of their most important family member, their dog.

With help from my family, I continue to offer flexible, reliable and trustworthy services that dog owners are looking for. I would appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions and respond to feedback. As well as take care of your dog!


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