Residential and Commercial Pet Waste Removal

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We'll handle the waste and notify you when we arrive and leave

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Pet Waste Station Management

Help your residents keep the property clean with a managed pet waste station

Commercial Services

Sanitization and Deodorization

We offer a service to accomplish a deep deodorizing & sanitation of your entire yard and outdoor space

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Our Services

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One pile of pet waste can quickly turn your outdoor space into a smelly, unpleasant mess. Regularly scheduled cleanings can ensure the space remains usable and help keep neighbors friendly. It's important to educate the community about the necessity for cleaning up after their pets, but scheduling, at a minimum, once a week cleaning is recommended.


  • Removal of the waste from your backyard
  • Take waste with us when we go. If it's a trash day, we will place on the curb
  • Inspect your yard for harmful hazards for you and your pets
  • We will show up with shoes and tools that will be disinfected prior and after use
  • We will notify you when we are on our way to your property
  • The Backyard Butler goes the extra steps and will text you a picture of your gate to show that your property is secure, and we have completed the service

Commercial Services

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Professional service with our personal touch

Dogs are the best part of many people's day. They are best friends, partners, and beloved members of the family. You love just about everything about your dog, right? Well, everything except for maybe his or her waste. Like it or not, cleaning up after your dog is a necessary part of dog ownership. But what if you didn't have to do it anymore? The Backyard Butler is here to relieve you of this less-than-enjoyable chore. We are a pet waste removal company that offers services for pet parents, commercial property owners, and community managers, and we can take care of this end of pet ownership while you enjoy everything else about your dog.

The Backyard Butler is a locally owned and operated business. Unlike nationwide chains, you will deal with us directly. We take pride in adding that personal touch to ensure your satisfaction.

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